2017 Prom Fashion Trends

By Emily Hom

Last Saturday came the Oscars of high school, our chance to show off our most trendy, glamorous, and unique versions of ourselves. What I saw was something I hadn’t expected from our sweatshirt clad d.tech class — fashion. Fashion is all about incorporating current trends into your own style and I loved all of the looks I saw at prom. Here are just a few looks that followed some particular trends I’ve noticed and especially stood out to me.

The Cold Shoulder

The cold shoulder, a look with cuts in the sleeves to expose the shoulders, is definitely one of the most seen trends right now. Like most others, this trend was first perfected by designers such as Chanel and Donna Karan, and can be even be seen worn on Hillary Clinton in 1993. I noticed a few girls wearing this look, including Anabella Schofield and Rye Spooner. While Anabella looked glamorous in a one of a kind take on the cold shoulder, Rye sported a more relaxed and trendy short dress that she rocked on the dance floor.

Gold Applique

This was one trend I hadn’t expected but saw so many beautiful versions of, though I suppose this should be no surprise after the explosion of sparkly metallics this season. This type
of embellishment combined with black or nude mesh allows any girl to look striking, and Julia Wang, Victoria Khaw, and Daniellee Benfica certainly embodied this in their gowns.

Glitz and Glamour

Sparkly beaded embellishment is a must this year for formal gowns and both Tiffany Bynum and Samantha Rhodes wore this look beautifully. While Tiffany’s dress looked right out of the expensive section of prom dress stores with its intricate beading and sophisticated cut, Samantha’s dress was a bit of a surprise. The turquoise color and splash of glitz made Samantha look almost mermaid-like. The impressive part about these two dresses was that many times prom dresses look cheap with obviously fake rhinestones but Tiffany and Samantha looked anything but second-rate.

Halter Two Piece

Fiona Cheung, Ana Nicolau and Ashley Fong were definitely on trend with two piece, halter, shimmery dresses. Specifically, this halter cut caught every girl’s attention last summer for casual clothing but has a history as an elegant and comfortable cut. Popularized in the 1940’s by the feminist movement as a solution to uncomfortable undergarments, halter tops have been seen on A-list celebrities such as Cher. Re Popularized in the 70’s and again in 2016, this is a style that continues to be popular, especially incorporated into a two piece gown. Two piece gowns are all the rage this year for formal dresses and were a highlight at recent Sherri Hill fashion shows. With crop tops and high waisted skirts being such a popular combination lately, it is no surprise that this trend was incorporated into some of the most stylish prom dresses.

Splashy Backs and Cut Outs

Both of these patterns are a trendy a way to show some skin while still keeping it classy. Today’s cutouts are inspired by those popularized in the late 1960’s and Yohana Konardi looked beautiful in a unique and subtle version of these cutouts. Courtney Sullivan Wu and Amaya Santana were right on trend with their corset and strappy dresses that are a modern take on this 1990’s trend.

Culturally Inspired

These were a couple of my favorite looks as these types of designs always stand out. Roshni Jariwala wore a sari inspired two piece gown and studded hoop earring that tied her Indian American look together. Roshni’s dress was a perfect example of how to make a current trend unique and personal. Ashley Phan wore an elegant chi pao (a traditional Chinese formal dress) that was actually made by Nick Hom’s mother, Sandra Hom. This dress, though more traditional than Roshni’s, was still fun and flirty with a slit down the side and beautiful floral detail.


Though it can sometimes be more difficult for guys to show their style when wearing a tux or suit, these five managed perfectly. Bodhi Godwin wore a striking red suit jacket that matched his vibrant hair and personality. Piotr Garbaczonek chose a handsome navy blue suit that brought out his eyes and a black dress shirt that made a subtle but unique statement. Matija Lukic chose something a little more eccentric. He paired his khaki suit with a red bowtie and fedora, giving him a sort of 1920’s look. Ryan Cen managed to keep it casual and show off his individual taste with a black tux, red vest and bowtie, and sneakers. Though all great, perhaps my favorite of them all was Paulo’s daring look. He managed to pull off wearing a dark purple tux, lilac dress shirt, and metallic gold bowtie while still looking sophisticated.

Screenshot 2017-04-19 at 1.47.43 PM    Screenshot 2017-04-19 at 1.48.46 PM

Screenshot 2017-04-19 at 1.47.58 PM    Screenshot 2017-04-19 at 1.48.23 PM

Simply Unique

These three ladies came in standout looks that were one of a kind. Ella Rook chose a 50’s inspired outfit complete with a fit and flare dress, red leather moto jacket, and pin up hair style. This fun look, though completely unique, still followed recent 50’s inspired clothing trends. Agathe Vasseur was sophisticated and elegant in her black, floor length gown. What stood out the most was the distinctive design of pleating that wrapped around the dress and gave it movement at the bottom, something I’ve not seen before on a prom dress. Lastly, Maxine Zigmond-Ramm wore a beautiful strapless high low dress with floral accents. Though floral prom dresses are all the rage right now, Maxine’s dress was still unique with its almost watercolor flowers and ombre skirt.

Screenshot 2017-04-19 at 1.53.04 PM   Screenshot 2017-04-19 at 1.53.26 PM   Screenshot 2017-04-19 at 1.53.40 PM

Photo credits to Yohanna Konardi



2 thoughts on “2017 Prom Fashion Trends

  1. Hi Emily,
    I really enjoyed reading your post and learning a lot about historical trends. I liked how you made it easy for any reader to understand the types and parts of a dress. I also liked how you used images to connect with what you were speaking about, this allowed me to understand better. You used really sophisticated vocabulary and flowed your sentences in a way that was easy to follow. Overall I really enjoyed what you wrote and look forward to future articles!
    Good job!

  2. I enjoyed reading your article and how interesting it was. I personally liked how you grouped the dressed by style and how everyone’s dress was unique in their on way. I also loved the article, it felt like I captured what is going on woth fashion 🙂

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