d.tech’s First Ever School Musical

By Nicholas Garland

Six star actors from Design Tech High School will come together this Wednesday, April 19th to perform the school’s first ever musical, 21 Chump Street. The show, written by the same writer as Hamilton and In The Heights, Lin Manuel-Miranda, is just 15 minutes long and tells of a high school student, Justin Laboy, who falls in love with an undercover police officer, and is arrested for selling drugs to the officer in an attempt to impress her. The show was picked by student Tony Julian, who plays Justin Laboy. The main character stood out to Julian because of the fact that he would do anything for the girl he loves. The show was also written by the same composer as the 11 time Tony Award-winning Broadway hit, Hamilton.

Rehearsals have been going smoothly since March 1st, with co-direction by student Jacob Cohen, co-direction and choreography by student Tatiana Fakoukaki, and music direction by parent, Paul Godwin. Godwin explains that this show is perfect for this group of actors. He says that it gives the “Hamilton vibe” in only 15 minutes. Godwin has worked at various theater companies throughout the Bay Area as a composer, musician, and educator, making him the perfect mentor for this group of students.

The show will be performed with a live band, including music director, Paul Godwin, on piano, student Bodhi Godwin on bass, and Symphony Silicon Valley Concertmaster, Robin Mayforth, on violin. Tatiana Fakoukaki explains, “It is our students putting their hearts out there into a musical that is relatable to everyone our age right now…and this is the first thing like this at dtech, so it serves as an eye opener for every student to start something new.” Come see it in our very own hangar during @dtech (community meeting is moved to end of day) at 3 pm on Wednesday, April 19th. This is a show not to be missed.


4 thoughts on “d.tech’s First Ever School Musical

  1. Well written article that is short and gets does a good job transmitting the information about the play to the reader. I also found the content of the subject interesting as marijuana and overly stringent drug laws have effected everyone in one way or a another.

  2. Wonderfully made article. The topic was well presented in a professionally worded format. The gallery of student actors was a very nice touch. It gave a great outline for the show and introduced excitement and joy for the reader. I wish you could have maybe added some more quotes from the student actors.

  3. Nice short read on D.tech’s first musical production. The article did a good job at describing the different actors, and the different roles they played. The photo gallery was a nice touch to the article as well. It would of been nice to include student reactions about the musical.

  4. Interesting and brief article. Facts seemed a bit fuzzy, as there was no mention of Will Ouren, who played the role of the narrator that interviewed Justin and Naomi, and the choreographer, Tatiana Fakoukaki, was listed as a cast member. Well written and concise, but it’d be nice to see a bit more details of those involved in this exciting endeavor for d.tech. I did, however, enjoy the photo gallery and writing style. Nice job!

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