Prom: Win or Fail for Students?

By Hayden Navarro

On Saturday April 15, Design Tech’s junior class had their first ‘prom’. At 7:00 pm, students boarded the Pinot Noir, a two-story dinner cruise ship that took the juniors all over the bay. Students were served dinner, dessert, dancing, karaoke, and board games until they arrived back to shore at 11:30 pm.

We interviewed several students before and after prom, to gather their thoughts on what their expectations were, and how well they were met. We also asked for the opinions of those who opted-out of going.


Q: Do you have any initial expectations?

Lauren Smith: I expect an amazing night where it is very chill, have fun dancing. Wanna impress fellas, look good, and have good food hopefully. Our prom is going to be better than other schools’ proms, because their proms are more casual and we can pull together amazing things. HOT GUYS IN TUXES!

Jolene Latief: Not very high expectations, lowered my expectations so I am not disappointed.

Sebastian Golden: I have no expectations. Not even thinking about it.

Natalie Cheyette: Not many expectations, like a regular dance. Just an expensive dance. Unfounded hype, I don’t understand why it is such a big deal. We have had plenty of dances. I would be fine just to go on a ship and just eat without all the dressing up.

Koby: A good dance, a fun time.

Tiffany: Good music, food, views, no rain.

Q: How do you feel about having prom on a boat?

Lauren Smith: The boat is not that big as I expected. What about sea sick people? Kinda wish we had other options, the firehouse sounded cool.

Jolene Latief: Wish it was the cliff house instead.

Sebastian Golden: We are on a boat which is kind of cool.

Natalie Cheyette: Prom being on a boat isn’t unique to our school, other schools do that. I am excited, but I don’t know how I will do on a ship, depending on how big it is, we’ll see how my stomach deals.

Koby Kern: I think the boat will be nice.

Non-Prom People:

Q:  Why did you decide not to go to prom?

Bibi Wong: It gets back too late, and sounds really cramped. I also missed the day for the ticket sales, so I couldn’t go if I wanted to.

Robert McGugan: It is expensive and I would rather play video games. Also, I am not a fan of dances.

Trisha Chen: Too many people, no dress, and I get seasick.


Q: Best part of prom?

Lauren Smith: It was amazing. Better than what I thought. I liked how the dance made us come closer like it was that freshman year in the hallway.

Natalie Cheyette: Prom was very fun, karaoke was the highlight of the night.

Nick Dal Porto: I hung outside a lot and took photos with friends the entire time.

Alex Lederman: It was fun. The chicken was good. I had a lot of fun dancing

Kleiton Macrohon: Nothing good… so I guess being on the dance floor?

Q: How do you feel about the food served?

Lauren Smith: The food was ok and that salad needed some croutons. The pasta was ok, butter balls were good. Sitting upstairs, I had an edge, and it was not that cramped.

Natalie Cheyette: Great dessert, rice krispy treats were great. Best food was the pasta primavera.

Nick Dal Porto: The bread was good.

Alex Lederman: The chicken was good. I heard the soda was off.

Kleiton Macrohon: Lemon rice was bad, nasty. Everything was pretty good.

Q: Worst part of prom?

Lauren Smith: The DJ was not lit. The DJ for formal was a lot better. What we requested was not always played- had to request the same song twice. His transitions were terrible. I liked the boat, it was pretty, but it felt cramped.

Natalie Cheyette: DJ didn’t play the best songs, he didn’t play YMCA that was a crying shame. Need a better DJ next time. A bigger boat means more room to dance.

Alex Lederman: Have another DJ.

Nick Dal Porto: [DJ] was cancer, he went from random song to random song, the transitions were terrible.

Kleiton Macrohon: DJ’s order of songs was horrible.

Q: Any suggestions for next year’s prom?

Maggie (did not go this year, but will go next year): It will be more fun because juniors and sophomores are good friends and it will be awesome to have them together. We won’t be on a boat so it will be less cramped, that would make it better. We should have a pajama themed prom.

Lauren Smith: Have it at the Cal Academy of Sciences next year, that would be super cool. Do it at Disneyland along with the senior trip! A golf course could be cool, in a nice banquet room.

Natalie Cheyette: Need a better DJ next time, and we also need a chocolate fountain, or at least better desserts than store bought ones.

Nick Dal Porto: We should have it at AT&T park… I’m serious about the park thing. No split [levels] next year… I’d be pretty upset if it is split.

Kleiton Macrohon: Cheaper venue, more activities.


3 thoughts on “Prom: Win or Fail for Students?

  1. I found that this article was very informing. I liked the Q&A style format of the story. A suggestion that I think would be cool to see was if you interviewed some of the prom planners. If you did this you could make interesting comparisons about what was planned and what actually happened during prom.

  2. The was a really good article. I also attended Prom and had some thoughts that were similar to the feedback that these students gave you. I felt like prom was fun but the boat was too small, the food could have been better, and the DJ was not that good. I hope that for my prom next year, it will not be on a boat but in a nice place such as the Cliff house in San Francisco.

  3. I attended Prom but I do have some feedback. I aggree with Andrew that the boat was small. But it was fun how a lot of people danced on the small dancefloor. Honestly, that was my only concern because I love music and dancing. I feel like we should try to have it at a classy place like The Ritz Carlton in SF. That would be sweet 😛

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