Spirit at d.tech: Where is it?

By Elliot Boz

What is spirit? Dictionary.com says spirit is “an attitude or principle that inspires, animates, and pervades thought, feeling, or action.” To me, spirit means character, an approach that you bring to a day, a place, or even a time. So where’s the spirit at d.tech? I asked a couple students how they felt about doing spirit days and how they think the days turn out.

Ashley Chen, PR manager for d.leadership, said, “I like participating in spirit days because it’s fun to go to school and see what people thought of, but they don’t turn out that great. I feel like I have to try ten times harder to get people to engage in spirit days because people here are from all over the bay area, and they came here not for the reason to have a fun high school experience, but came to have a unique one and to be involved in design thinking.” Ashley is definitely one of the more spirited students at Design Tech; she loves participating in spirit days.

On the other hand, Sophia Pena says, “I don’t hate them [spirit days], but I don’t participate because I’m not very spirited and not motivated. I think that my class, the juniors, are not very spirited and need to be better motivated too. I also think that we should be told more times in advance before a spirit day and make sure the students know about them.” Sophia has been at the school since day one, so she has experienced the atmosphere here at d.tech for some time now.

Aidan Jansen has a different view of spirit days. He says, “Spirit days are good, but it really depends on the spirit day. Like I liked the twin day, because my friend group went out of their way to have a good time.” Aidan thinks that it isn’t the way he gets informed about spirit days, it is the type of spirit day and how much his friend group and the other students around him participate.

I think that spirit days are really fun, but it is difficult to come to school and put yourself out there, when other students are not participating, or feel that the spirit day is boring and unneeded.

So what does leadership do to present spirit days to d.tech students? They make posters, posts on social media, and add information about the days in the d.tech announcements and community meetings. How can we improve spirit days? Students say they need to be better motivated, and the spirit days should present tasks that you can perform together with your friends and others. On the other hand, students say that when they do participate, they have a lot of fun and feel better involved in the d.tech community. Overall, the spirit days are beneficial for the d.tech environment, but should be presented with motivation for more students to participate.


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11 thoughts on “Spirit at d.tech: Where is it?

  1. This article does a good job of collecting the opinions of the d tech student body on spirit days. Some improvements I would suggest would be to interview more students and possibly teachers. Another suggestion is to make sure that the students you interview about spirit days are diverse and do not all have the same interests.

  2. Hi Eliot,
    This is a fantastic article, I really liked how short and sweet this text was as well as how formatted you are with your writing. The interviews really helped me understand the affect spirit days have on the Dtech community. In my opinion, I agree with Aidan about how it really depends on the spirit day but I also find myself forgetting about these spirit days. The slideshow was also a fantastic touch to end your post.
    Keep up the good work!

  3. I love the way you involved design tech students in your article. It gave a unique perspective on the issue at hand. I do wish that you interviewed a more diverse crowd of students and also teachers, as stated by Kevin. All in all, good article and good topic and I hope to see you tackle another Design Tech article. God loves you.

  4. This article does cover a topic that I do consider important. However, even though it captured the opinions of some students, it didn’t seem to have many different opinions and you should ask the teachers too! I would recommend that next time you guys should make a Google Form and put it on the Announcements Page.

  5. I really like how well written the article is. I really enjoyed reading about what the students thought about spirit day. For me personally, I really like having the Spirit days because before our school would not have a lot of school spirit, but now they do because of these Spirit days.

  6. The article is well composed and I say that there should be spirit days to where everyone can participate but that doesn’t have to be complicated. I love having Spirit Days as well because we are a school that showcases how we are out-of-the-ordinary. Plus I hope one day everyone can do it, now matter how goofy it is. 🙂

  7. Great job incorporating others opines in your article. I think this is a good method since it assures that your writing in not bias. I believe that along with the students name though including there grade level would be a nice addition since it would show that your information comes from a variety of views.

  8. I loved this article Elliot, because of the way you organized it. I liked how you bolded the student’s names, and had a paragraph dedicated to each person you interviewed. I also loved the slideshow you had, but I wish you had more pictures of different people, because a lot of your pictures had the same people. Like some other commenters said before, I think the article could be improved by getting more students and teachers’ opinions.

  9. I thought this article provided an interesting three minute read. It was cool to see a reporter actually interview people instead of a person. However, I would of liked to see more people interviewed, or someone with a dissenting opinion compared to the other interviewees. I personally dislike spirit days, as I feel like they are centered around some kind of gimmick which is usually stupid in some way.

  10. i thought that this article is well written and interesting. Although I wish there was more people too since they all had similar opinions so maybe you should include a person with a disagreeing opinion compared to the others. I think that spirit days are fun but it has to be creative and not generic one that many others school have done.

  11. Elliot, your article was definitely interesting to read! I enjoyed hearing the opinions of a variety of different students here. This is also a piece that could be utilized by d.leadership since it offers feedback on their efforts to make our school more spirited! Good job!

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