Hot Musical Genres This Week

By Alyssa Gozum

Song Genres of the Week



2 thoughts on “Hot Musical Genres This Week

  1. I really love the style and color palette of this infographic. It would be nice to see the number of people from each grade that were interviewed for this study, as the conclusion implies that age sees a diversification in the type of music enjoyed by the students, but the detailed percentages seen in the makeup of the Junior class preferences assumed some level of sampling bias (more Juniors were interviewed than Sophomores or Freshmen). I appreciate the obvious amount of time taken to make an infographic this clean and easy to navigate, I’d just like to see more detail about the data collection.

  2. I like the choice to make an infographic, as it helps illustrates the different statistics about each grade’s favorite music genres. I find it interesting that there was only three music genres that were popular between Freshmen, but eight different genres for Juniors. It will be interesting to see as each class moves onto the next grade if their music tastes will change.

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