Town Hall Report

By Nicholas Hom

On Monday, April 24th, held a town hall meeting with junior parents where director of learning, Nicole Cerra, presented the plan for students next year. This included things such as college prep, as well as the new temporary campus at the San Mateo Adult School. Parent concerns started to form, and a few were extremely vocal about their opinions.

Cerra covered a range of topics from transportation, to recommended morning student activities. Much information was given, and it started to stir some confusion among the parents. Parents shouted things such as, “Is there a huge amount of kids that are failing?” “Why do they need to do anything in the morning? It sounds like we are squeezing them to do all those things. You make me feel like, do I have to do all that stuff? And I’m so confused.” “Are we telling them it’s your easiest year? Or are we telling them it’s your most rigorous year?” As Cerra was frantically trying to answer everyone’s questions, many of the parents were having their own side conversations about their personal concerns. They conversed about how their kids were going to get into college, and wondered if was preparing them for life. Some were even complaining about how isn’t helping their student “at all”, and wanted to be more like a normal high school.

The most common topic of confusion was which classes will be mandatory next year, and what activities will be optional. For those who still don’t know, here is a quick run down: Seniors are required to take English and government next year. If you do not have any incompletes in any of your courses and have taken three years of both science and math, you are not required to take additional science and math courses. However, strongly recommends that you do. Cerra also recommended that students take advantage of their free time in the morning to take college classes, find internships, or engage in other activities.

All these new topics of discussion are starting to stir up heated debates between the parents and faculty. How will all these issues get resolved? How will address parent concerns? We’ll have to tune into the next meeting, hoping to get our questions answered.

Photo by Ms. Anderson



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